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How Much Do Polygraph Examinations Cost?

The best polygraph examiners are highly trained and experienced professionals with a college degree. These polygraph examiners provide a very specialized service. This service requires the examiner to purchase very expensive equipment and pursue continuing education in order to maintain the highest degree of proficiency. The time required to conduct an exam may take two to four hours. In most cases, the polygraph exam is conducted because there simply is no other reasonable way to verify information in a specific issue or matter. The fees charged for polygraph examinations are reasonable when considering the cost of the polygraph examiner’s training, the equipment required to do the job, the degree of specialization, and the worldwide need for this unusual service. You could spend thousands of dollars on a surveillance of a spouse or companion, but you could spend a faction through the use of a polygraph.

Each exam is different. Depending on location, travel and issue(s) involved it could be as low as $300 and moderately higher depending on the complexity of the issue(s).

Fees will be itemized before any service is provided and fees will be collected before any polygraph examination is conducted. This procedure eliminates any suggestion of bias from those who might question the result of the examination.