Examination fees generally range from $500 to $800 depending on the complexity of the matter and the testing location.  Generally, a private family related issue examination is $500.  Unlike some other companies or individuals, we offer flat fees for our services.   There are no hidden fees.  Some companies will charge you by the hour.

If you are working with a certified examiner who is a member of a nationally recognized organization, you are working with a professional.   Be careful if anyone quotes you a price of $150 for an examination.  Ask for their experience, credentials and have them send you the information for your review. If they dance around the issue or will not provide you the information, turn the other way.  Don’t be misled by someone posting inaccurate or false reviews on Google Review or Yelp. 

Some polygraph examiners will charge you between $800 to $1500 for each examination.  Be careful of hidden fees.    Because someone charges $1500 for an examination does not mean you are getting a better examination.  Our work meets or exceeds Federal and State standards. 

You will need to discuss the issue with the polygraph examiner and obtain a quote. Once you have a quote, the fee is usually paid prior to the examination.   This avoids the appearance of a subjective or bias examination.

Before scheduling a test with anyone, give us a call to see if the matter in question can be resolved through the use of polygraph.  We will provide you free advice even if you decide to use another company.

Call us if you have any questions.  1 (760) 315-6050.