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How Do I Find a Polygraph Examiner?

The results of your polygraph test may change your life. Make sure you have the test performed by the best polygraph examiner you can find.

When choosing a polygraph examiner the price of the test is the last thing you should ask about; affordability does not always equal quality. Remember the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Don’t put yourself in the hands of anyone but a highly trained and qualified professional. When selecting a polygraph examiner to conduct your polygraph test, inquire into the following areas involving experience, training, and qualifications:

The polygraph examiner should have completed a nationally recognized and accredited polygraph school which normally takes between 8 to 10 weeks to complete.

After completing the polygraph school, the new polygraph examiner conducts polygraph examinations during an “internship” period. During this period the polygraph school reviews the examiner’s work and if his work meets the school standards, the polygraph examiner is awarded a certificate of completion.

Beware of polygraph examiners who boast about their years of training and experience, yet they have not completed any advanced training or continuing education courses in years.

Technology changes through the years and polygraph examiners must keep up with these changes.

Was the polygraph examiner employed by a county, city, state, or federal law enforcement agency?

How many examinations has he or she conducted?

How many were criminal specific issue examinations as compared to pre-employment screening examinations?

This is important because law enforcement polygraph examiners also have years of training and experience in interview and interrogation techniques and other related training that enhances their proficiency in obtaining admissions and confessions from those examinees whose test result shows deception to the relevant test questions.